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The Cannonball Run Countach: Supercar Legend | Full Documentary

Hagerty Drivers Foundation

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In “The Cannonball Run Countach: Supercar Legend” hear the story of why this winged 1979 Countach LP400 S is among America’s most significant supercars and how it killed the most famous clandestine car race in auto history – The Cannonball Baker SeatoShiningSea Memorial Trophy Dash! Kickstarted by famed auto journalist Brock Yates as a rebellion against American speed limits and automotive regulations of the 1970s, the “Cannonball Run” as it became known, gave way to a Hollywood adaptation starring the black supercar. The Hollywood movie “The Cannonball Run” and the real life stories of cross country runs made their imprint on society, propelling the Lamborghini Countach on to the bedroom walls of teenagers across the nation and setting people to dream about breaking the socalled “Cannonball record.”

In 2021 this very 1979 Lamborghini LP400 S used in “The Cannonball Run” movie became the 30th vehicle added to the National Historic Vehicle Register by the Hagerty Drivers Foundation. Its history will be documented and kept in the Library of Congress in perpetuity. For more information on this Lamborghini Countach, see its NHVR page below:

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