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The Best Fight in Harry Potter and why Avada Kedavra is a Stupid Spell


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Normally I reference my music but since my editor did it I totally forgot to ask. Sorry o.o Why Dumbledore sees Socks in the Mirror of Erised - Harry Potter Fan Theory. What HARRY POTTER Means to Me. Every Harry Potter Movie & Book Ranked From Worst to Best. How Dumbledore REALLY Planned Harry's Death | Harry Potter Theory. Harry Potter Series: Movie Review & Book Dissection (Movies 1-8/Books 1-7). Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 'Three Brothers Story'. Top 10 CRINGE Moments in Harry Potter Movies. Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed. Harry Potter - Every Funny Moment In The Series. IF HARRY POTTER HAD TINDER.

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