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The 20 Weakest Dragon Ball Techniques


The Most Useless Dragon Ball Moves

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There are a lot of techniques in the world of Dragon Ball, but for every Kamehameha and Destructo Disc, there’s a Wolf Fang Fist or Dynamite Kick to show that not all attacks are powerful. In fact, some are downright weak, useless or statistically ineffective. Techniques like selfdestruction sacrifices, the overhyped Spirit Bomb or the slowbutstrong Super Saiyan Grade Three only stand to prove that not every move, attack or transformation is a home run.

In this video, we take a look at all the weakest attacks throughout Dragon Ball history, ranked from semiuseful to completely useless. We’re judging the “weakness” of each technique based on their effectiveness, their success rate or how much power actually goes into them. Check out the video to see which moves we think are the weakest in the entire Dragon Ball franchise and which are the most useless.

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