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The 19 Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Explained


In this video, we're going to learn how to use all 19 adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Skip to a particular adjustment layer below
1:20 Color Fill
3:42 Gradient
5:38 Pattern
7:54 Brightness/Contrast
8:57 Levels
10:54 Curves
12:58 Exposure
14:45 Vibrance
15:46 Hue/Saturation
17:45 Color Balance
19:30 Black & White
21:38 Photo Filter
22:40 Channel Mixer
24:50 Color Lookup
25:50 Invert
26:22 Posterize
28:06 Threshold
29:57 Gradient Map
31:20 Selective Color

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