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Hi! My name is Pai, and I'm here to demystify Thai cuisine with easytofollow, authentic recipes uploaded every week. If you've ever been intimidated or hesitant to cook Thai food, that's what I'm here for! Not only do I show you how to make a delicious Thai dishes, I also explain why we do what we do, and give you tips and tricks to make sure you're successful. I also like to give tidbits of fun info on Thai culture, and I might even teach you a Thai word or two :) All the written recipes for all my videos can be found on my website

You can also find my cookbook "Hot Thai Kitchen" on Amazon! It's like a handbook for Thai cuisine, laying all the foundation you need to cook authentic Thai dishes at home.

About me:
I am a native Thai, born and raised. I'm also a professionally trained chef. I'm passionate about helping people cook great dishes at home, and I love it when you send me photos of your culinary success! I currently live in Vancouver, Canada :)

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