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Thai Street Food - YELLOW STICKY RICE!! Best Curry Ever + Stuffed Roti! | Satun Thailand

Mark Wiens

Unseen Malay Food in Thailand:
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SATUN, THAILAND (สตูล) Welcome to Satun, a province in the very far south of Thailand, along the border of the Perlis state of Malaysia, and along the Andaman sea. The people are incredible, it’s very relaxing and laid back, and the food is delicious! In this video, we’re going on a street food tour of Satun, mainly local Malay and Thai food. #Satun #Thailand #MalayFood #curry

Here’s everywhere we ate on this street food tour:

Sam Pi Nong (ร้านสามพี่น้อง For breakfast, we went to a legendary local restaurant run by three sisters. They serve a variety of Malay and Thai main dishes and desserts. One of their signature dishes is yellow sticky rice served with a coconut milk curry. I also enjoyed their biryani, and some of their amazing sweets. Great place to eat breakfast when you’re in Satun.
Total price 160 THB ($5.30)

Original Gaeng Tomae (แกงตอแมะห์) This no name literally no name curry shop serves Gaeng Tomae (แกงตอแมะห์), a Satun Malay curry of fish that’s loaded with curry leaves. One of my personal favorite dishes in Thailand, and this is a very traditional version. Amazing.
Total price 105 THB ($3.48)

Bang Dul Restoran (ร้านข้าวแกงบังดุลย์ Next for lunch on this amazing street food tour of Satun, we went to Bang Dul Restoran (ร้านข้าวแกงบังดุลย์). The owner is so friendly and the food is insanely good. One of the main dishes to eat here is goat curry, which is melt in your mouth. And the Gaeng Tomae (แกงตอแมะห์) is also astoundingly delicious and rich.
Total price 300 THB ($9.94)

Roti Mataba (ร้านโรตีมะตะบะ(หน้า พ.ส. Finally, to finish this Thai and Malay street food tour of Satun, there’s no way we could miss roti, and roti mataba. In the evening, many locals from Satun enjoy hanging out, snacking on roti, and drinking tea. Perfect way to end an amazing day in Satun.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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