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Testing the PiBox mini 2 a Raspberry Pi MicroK8s server

Jeff Geerling

Kubesail sent me their brandnew PiBox mini 2. It's a 2drive SATA NAS built with the Compute Module 4. It has a frontpanel LCD, native SATA, and more!

I did have a little trouble with the early prototype model they sent, but was able to get that fixed and now have 16 TB of raw storage, and a nice little managed microk8s installation, to boot!

Mentioned in this video:

PiBox mini 2 Kickstarter:
Kubesail PiBox mini 2 official site:
Kubernetes 101 Series:
Check out other CM4 boards:

And if you must know, those 8 TB SSDs are NOT cheap...

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00:00 PiBox mini 2
01:03 Teardown
07:07 Mounting 2x 8TB SSDs
08:52 First boot
10:37 Checking out Kubesail
12:38 One drive is missing!
16:26 Kubernetes storage volume
17:44 Pricing and options
19:43 Verdict
20:01 RAID 1 performance

posted by Fraibergzx