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Tekton Pendragon Tower Speakers - MSRP $2050 - Trade ~ $1200

Average Guy Hi-Fi

Tekton Pendragon Tower Speakers MSRP $2,050 Trade ~ $1,200

Average Guy HiFi Rating 45.5/50 = 91%

Demo: Thor: Ragnarok

Website :

This is probably my favorite Marvel movie and I am a big Marvel movie fan. Great special effects and sound!

What Was Included:

Pair of Tekton Pendragon Tower Speakers

Tekton website:

Tweeter Triple ring radiator HF array
Woofer Dual 10″ transducers
Frequency Response 20Hz30kHz frequency response
Impedance: 8 Ohm average
Power Handling 400 watts
Sensitivity 95dB [email protected]
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 12” x 54” x 16”
Weight (pounds): 88 pounds
Manufactured USA

Price: $1,025 each

Website FB Marketplace

Where I Purchased I traveled 40 minutes south and met a really nice guy, who traded me for my SVS SB16 Ultra.

Listed Price SVS SB16 Ultra $1,200

Price Paid Traded straight up, for the SVS SB16 Ultra.

Quality 9.5

Built like tanks! You can tell when you go attempt to lift these 88 pound towers.

High quality speaker components, paint job and binding posts. There’s just no doubt of the build quality. I just love that they are made in the USA.

Sound 10

It takes quite a bit to get me to swap out my regular audio equipment but after listening to these speakers for a week or so, I’m considering keeping them and completing the 7 speaker set. Unfortunately, this will need to happen at a later date as I just don’t have room for such large and awesome towers.

The details and the soundstage are truly remarkable. These are by far the easiest to setup speakers I have ever owned.

It’s going to be hard to let these babies go, but as they say, the show must go on..

MSRP Rating 9.5

After all of the awesome speakers I have owned over the last 20 or so years, these are the best sounding speakers so far. Quite a statement.

Many of the speakers I have owned, have cost double the MSRP of $1,025 and they sometimes go on sale for under $900 ea. Crazy good speakers for this price point!

Aesthetics 8.5

I would have rated these speakers higher here but there’s just no gettin around the fact that they are 55 inches tall.

The paint job is high quality and they do present a commanding presence so in a larger room, they would have scored a little better.

Not that 8.5 is a bad score or anything.

Price Paid Value 8.0

This was far from my greatest deal ever but after hearing these babies, I quickly forgot about the money I lost on the trade, which was about $260, with the SB16 Ultra trade.

Still happy I had a chance to own these, even at $1,200. I would make the trade again today, which is always a good feeling.

Average Guy HiFi Rating 45.5/50 = 91%

Other Equipment Used:

Receiver Lexicon RV6
Amplifier Monolith 5X
Bluray Player Xbox One X
Surge Protection Panamax M5400PM
Subwoofer Velodyne DD12BG
Fans AC Infinity T10 x2
Speaker Wires MediaBridge speaker and subwoofer cables

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