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Teaching a Dog to Heel: Stop Pulling on Lead


Teaching a dog to heel is how to get your dog to walk nicely alongside of you, and not he/she walking you. Heel training is a crucial step and is one of the most important foundational aspects of all dogs, whether they be gun dogs, shed dogs, or just household pets. Teaching a dog to heel will allow you to do so much more with them. This is an example of a dog named Prime and his owner Kyle who were introduced to proper heel work at this year's Handler's Workshop. Right off the bat, we can see that the setup Kyle had on prime was ineffective. The flat collar did not allow for him to get an effective correction when Prime was out of position, and resulted in "nagging" corrections that got zero results. After Jeremy switches equipment and gives Prime just a few sharp and effective corrections, a huge difference can be seen. We cannot allow the dogs to lead when heeling. We the handler needs to be the leader, and this is established through good heel work and effective corrections.

posted by basse78