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Teach Your Dog Commands In German (20 Common Words)


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Teach your dog 20 common commands in German.

Note: In the previous video we had a discussion on the correct words to use, and I agreed with you most of you guys. So without further a due, here is the corrected version of the video.

I am always up for debate and constructive criticism, so always feel free to leave a comment below if you think something isn't right.

There are numerous benefits to teaching your dog in a foreign language, but it's also fun and a great way to practice German.

The words we learn in this episode are the following:

Stay = Bleib
bark = Sprich
Jump = Spring
Up = Hoch
Down = Runter
Outside = Raus
Go toilet = Geh aufs Klo
Give me your paw = Gib mir deine Pfote
Heel = Bei Fuß
Sit = Sitz
Come here = Komm her
Fetch = hol
Attack = Greif an
Leave = Weg
Drop = fallenlassen
Lay down = Leg dich hin
Quiet = Leise
Faster = Schneller
Look at me = Guck mich an
Stop it = Stop

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