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Taking NYC Strangers to Try Taiwanese Breakfast for the First Time?!

Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约

We took total strangers in NYC to try authentic Taiwanese breakfast for the first time. This was these Americans’ first time trying Taiwanese food ever (in fact their first time even hearing about it), and we got a TON of amazing stuff, like classic Taiwanese housemade peanut milk, savory soy milk, youtiao (Chinese fried crullers) and soymilk dip, turnip cake, Taiwanese rice balls, and of course danbing, Taiwanese egg crepe. They LOVED it!

Thanks to the iSee Taiwan Foundation for sponsoring this video! To enter their contest (in Chinese), check out the link here: *

And to check out the awesome restaurant we featured on the video (Ho Foods), visit their website here:

* Contest winner to be determined entirely by iSee Taiwan Foundation. Xiaomanyc YouTube channel takes no responsibility for contest outcome or any other consequences created by this contest.

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