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SYNTH POP 80's - Retro Wave - The 80's Dream [ A Synthwave/ Chillwave/ Retrowave mix ] 18


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Playlist More Chillwave Synthwave Retrowave
0:00 80s Inspiring Guitar Pop
2:19 Salker
6:03 Nicky
9:16 MARiAN Retro Electro Pop
11:40 Atmospheric Synthwave
14:42 Hardwave
17:02 Synth Warrior
19:27 Midnight Driving Retrowave Music
21:43 MARiAN 80s Electronic Vibe
24:05 When I Was Young
26:25 80s Synth Pop
28:53 Retro Traffic Light
31:29 Retro Fun
34:07 High School Prom 1980
37:00 That Retro Guy
39:09 Retro Groove
41:21 Retro Tech
43:46 Synthwave Background
46:40 Retro Dance
48: 08 Midnight
52:30 Far From Home
56:13 Maybe Next Time
59:44 Ancient Heart
1:03:35 Trip To The Strange Planet
1:07:09 Aimless Driver

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