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Swiftpaw Lived Complete MAP

Spootles Productions

Original AU Idea/Rundown:
Thumbnail: (Ikowaa, Ikowa on YT)
Song: I lived One republic
EDIT: Please support the decision not to include Swiftheart as a ship, you are welcome to ship them but please don't be rude about the fact that it wasn't included in this MAP! Also, a common misconception is that there was a Leafpool and Swiftpaw ship she only confided in him about having kits, the kits were still Crowfeather's!^

Almost a year in the making, it's finally finished!! Thank you to every talented artist who helped make this MAP and reality and thank you to Memento for allowing us to create a MAP using their AU idea!

Interested in joining one of my future maps? I've got one open right now!


An AU in which Swiftpaw survived the dog attack. He was injured farther than Brightheart and like Brightheart also received a name for his actions, rather than Lostface, Bluestar gave him the name of Dogheart, for his foolish actions and results. Brightheart was capable of continuing as a Warrior but Swiftpaw/Dogheart was not, and took the path of a medicine cat to still feel as though he's helping his clan. Even after Brightheart has lost the name of Lostface, Swiftpaw decides to keep the name of Dogheart, believing he deserves it for his ignorance. He leads a life mentored by Cinderpelt, making it so that Leafpool never became a medicine cat, and eventually receiving Jayfeather (Jaypaw) as his own apprentice. He becomes an astounding medicine cat but never forgets his potential life of a warrior, remaining close with his previous mentor Longtail until he passes away, leaving him heart broken. After Cinderpelt's death and before Jayfeather, Leafpool confides in Dogheart when she becomes pregnant with Crowfeather's kits and Dogheart takes it better than expected, explaining that he knows the feeling of guilt in a situation that shouldn't have happened (the dog attack) and gives her herbs to stop her milk. Jayfeather grows close to Dogheart in his life and Jayfeather becomes considerably angry when he finds out that Dogheart knew that Leafpool was his mother. Their bond is fixed after Flametail's death, Jayfeather being distraught that he couldn't save him, Dogheart comforts him. Throughout his life, he's faced with many challenges, but none worse than the rising threat of the Dark Forest. Dogheart is offered a place in the Dark Forest, persuaded to join by the fact that he deserved more out of life than what was left of him after the dog attack. Dogheart refuses, but does not choose the side of Starclan either, rather choosing the side of his clan. His faith slowly begins to dwindle in Starclan as he focuses more on helping his clan than anything. Dogheart stays ready to defend his clan during the battle against the Dark Forest and is drawn out of his den when he spots Longtail fighting with his former clanmate Darkstripe and losing the battle. He successfully protects Longtail but not without losing his own life. Knowing his clan is safe and that he's served them well, Dogheart is finally able to rest easy, Longtail leading him to the afterlife.

1. Sparrow Tail
2. xWolfPrincex
3. RachelAlexandraws
4. Blazin Sun
5. Kizuato Yasashii
6. Cookie Catto
7. Alpine Animations
8. teabarks
9. Brynlee Christianson
10. Bella Rowe
11. Cosmicc Pawz
12. kedicat
13 Glenn Lum
14. WhiskerCat Productions
15. MidnightThunder
16. Spootles Productions
17. Faulty Socks
18. CloudyPaws Animates
19. Hanhatti
20. vixenss
21. GreatSylveon 2007
22. Leopard Flower
23. Dino Girl Draws
24. orkestrell
25. Alpinepawsanimations
26. Ocelot345
27. Silverline Cat
28. Art ByNature
29. Mine
30. CloudyPaws Animates

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