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Swapping Girlfriends with Tfue

FaZe Banks

Switching Girlfriends with Tfue, Corinna, Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks | Sunday Vlog #8

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● Corinna:
● Alissa:

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Instrumental 1 Hamlinz REACTS to 'TFUE FLIRTS WITH HOT GAMER GIRL'. I Let My Little Brother DATE My GIRLFRIEND for 24 Hours. Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart. I Roasted Myth In Tfue’s Vlog & He Got So Mad. Pro player sneaks into open league. WE PRANKED TFUE While He Live Streamed Fortnite on Twitch. CARRYING FAZE BANKS & CIZZORZ! 22 Kill Gameplay (Fortnite Battle Royale). MY FIRST VLOG - FaZe Tfue. GIFTING Fortnite Skins to GIRLFRIEND! XQC TRYING TO STEAL TFUE'S GIRLFRIEND CORINNA KOPF.

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