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SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer - $1250 Best Buy Open Box - MSRP $1599

Average Guy Hi-Fi

SVS SB4000 Subwoofer $1,250 Best Buy Open Box MSRP $1,599

Average Guy HiFi Rating 44.5/50 = 89%

Demo Movie Ready Player One



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SVS SB4000

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Type sealed
Woofer 13.5" fiberglass resin composite cone.
Amplifier Class D amplifier delivers 1,200 Watts RMS, 4000 watts peak
Frequency response 19310 Hz (±3 dB)
Dimensions 17.8” (W) x 18.3" (H ) x 20.9” (D)
Weight 102 lbs.

MSRP Value $1,599

Where I Purchased Best Buy

Price Paid $1,250 including tax (over stock)

Quality 10

I’ve only given out one or two 10 scores but I have honestly never had a subwoofer that was built to this quality. The SB16 Ultra also got a 10 as these subs are basically identical, minus the size.

The gloss is perfect, the driver feels as sturdy, the amp is hugely powerful and it comes with an app and a LED screen.

Just beautifully constructed!

Bass 8.5

This sub produces very clean and deep bass and would be an ideal fit in a medium sized room.

The heavy bass scenes, from many of my favorite movies, were a breeze in this small room.

It reminds me of a caged animal, just like the SB16 Ultra did.

MSRP Rating 8.0

$1,600 is a large chunk of money for most, like it is for me. With brands like HSU, PSA, Rythmik etc., there are other options at this price point that compete nicely at this price point.

Aesthetics 9.5

This is a beautiful subwoofer, especially if you like dustcapless subs, gloss black and blue LED lights:)

It is very compact, elegant and beautiful!

Price Paid Value 8.5

For me to spent this much money on a subwoofer, just to review it, won’t happen often but I have no doubt I will be able to get all my money out of it, when I’m finished.

I’ve just had better deals, like the Rythmik and the HSU subs I recently reviewed.

Final Thoughts

Is it cheap? No. Is there better performance for the money? Yes.

Will you be able to find a higher quality subwoofer, in this price range, with this performance? No. At least you will be very hard pressed to do better.

Beautiful, high quality, compact and affordable.

Well done SVS!

Average Guy HiFi Rating 44.5/50 = 89%

Other Equipment Used:

Receiver Lexicon RV6
Amplifier Monolith 5
Fans AC Infinity T10 x2
Bluray Player Panasonic DPUB820
Surge Protection Panamax M5400PM
Subwoofer SVS SB4000
Remote Logitech Elite Hub
Speaker Wires MediaBridge speaker and subwoofer cables

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