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SUPER DELUXE to LIMITED EDITION UPGRADE - Fortnite PVE Founder's Pack - Save the World 2018


So I FINALLY got around to upgrading my Fortnite PVE Super Deluxe Founders edition to the Limited Upgrade Founders package! See what you get and some gameplay right here!

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Here we look at a Fortnite PVE Founder's Pack upgrade as we go from the Super Deluxe edition to the Limited Upgrade package. There is one more package in Fortnite Save the World PVE, that is the Fortnite Founder's Ultimate Package but we will wait until Twine and maybe get that Fortnite limited edition Founder's package later. Which version do you have and was it worth the money you spent?
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SUPER DELUXE to LIMITED UPGRADE - Fortnite Save the World PVE Founders Edition 2018 - Win a free fortnite PVE code in the GLEAM competition.
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