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Sunfire True Super Junior Subwoofer - OfferUp $250 - MSRP - $895

Average Guy Hi-Fi

Sunfire True Super Junior Subwoofer Friend $250 MSRP $895

Average Guy HiFi Rating 41.5/50 = 83%

Demo: Tron: Legacy (Caster scene)

Amazon link:

One of my favorite demo videos. Get you some!

Sunfire True Super Junior Subwoofer Loaned MSRP $895

The Vault wrote a nice little review of this sub, that goes over many of my thoughts, with my time with this sub:

Type passive Radiator
Woofer 7” active and 7” passive
RMS Power 1,500 Watts
Frequency response 22 Hz 100 Hz
Cabinet Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 9” x 9" x 9"
Weight 26 lbs.

MSRP $895

Price Paid $250 (it was actually loaned to me by a subscriber but he told me he would sell it to me for $250)

Condition 80% (not included in the Average Guy HiFi score)

This subwoofer is in fantastic shape but the cabinet does have some wear.

Quality 8.5

This is a nice little subwoofer with better than average quality, given the relatively low low MSRP, given the amp power.

The cabinet is nice and solid and the woofers feel nice and stout.

Bass 8.5

This might be one of the most impressive compact subwoofer I’ve ever owned. The fact that this little sub is 9” cubed and given the low end extension down to 22 25 Hz in my room is truly impressive.

I had a friend over to check out some other speakers and when he asked to hear my HT, he was shocked with the amount of bass that was coming out of this little cube.

MSRP Rating 8.0

At just a hair under $900, this definitely isn’t a cheap subwoofer. That wasn’t the goal of this sub when it was being designed though. This sub was designed to be as small and as powerful as possible, to take your music, video games or movies down to 2X Hz in most mid to smaller rooms and it definitely does that better than most options.

Aesthetics 9.0

The subwoofer it’s self isn’t a beauty but the minuscule size really provides most people with the option of “hiding” it behind a TV stand, under a couch etc.

This sub will literally be able to disappear in most rooms. With that said, placement is very important so I would do a sub crawl, and try to put the sub in that spot is at all possible.

Price Paid Value 7.5

Well, since a fellow friend/audio gentleman loaned this sub to me, it’s hard to give you a score here but to keep things consistent. He said he would sell it to me for $250 so that’s the number I’m going off of.

This is an amazing little subwoofer for $250 and easily worth more.

Final thoughts

Chances are, this little subwoofer will beat your expectations. I cave tons of experience with high quality, compact subwoofers and this little guy might be the new king of all the others I’ve owned,

Great for smaller rooms or hook it up to your computer for killer, yet compact bass!

My only concern about this little sub would be the age and the amp life. Older, super powerful subs (1,500 Watts RMS!) can have amplifier issues so be sure to listen to it first, if you are buying used. Luckily, this subwoofer performs flawlessly.

Average Guy HiFi Rating 41.5/50 = 83%

Other Equipment used: Definitive Technology Mythos ST towers, ELAN THP525LS Surrounds, Denon AVRX3300W Receiver, Marantz MM7055 Amplifier, LG C9 OLED 65” TV, Panasonic DPUB820PK 4K Bluray Player, Panamax M7500PRO, Xbox One X

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