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Sunfire True Subwoofer MK II Bass Test


A brief test using the Bassotronics Bass I Love You track. The subwoofers are a pair of Sunfire True Subwoofer MKII's by Bob Carver. They were made in the good 'ol U.S.A. in 1999 and 2003 respectively (now defunct). In '99 they were the most powerful 10" subs (2700 watts) on the market, and even have no rivals in this size class. Both subs were professionally refurbished with new resistors and capacitors, as well as sanded and finished with automotive grade paintwork in Nero Pastello (Ferrari Black).

The subs are both set to a reference volume of 0db. The sub in the foreground experiences the characteristic hopping as a result of a poor choice in rubber feet while the sub in the background has special vibration resistant feet that are designed for large computer towers and handles the wobble fairly well. The stock feet were removed and discarded when the subs went in for refinishing.

I am fortunate enough to have a spread in the hills of Los Angeles where my neighbors are not within earshot of the terrible rumble (or they just don't mind all that much).

EDIT: Video incorrectly states 5700 watts, correct amount is 5400 watts.

posted by inte1retj