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Sunfire Solitaire 10 Subwoofer Review

GoldenEar AudioReview

I thought I would review one of 3 Sunfire subs I own because I enjoy them. Living in Washington state where the Sunfire headquarters was I find there are still quite a few floating around and on eBay.
Bob Carver has a brand called Bob Carver Corp and they specialize in making tube amps.

0:00 – Intro
0:08 History
0:48 Specs
2:00 Features
3:25 Setup
4:03 Sound
5:44 – Woofer Excursion Demo
6:41 – Sound Comparison Between Sub and No Sub

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12 Gauge wire:
10 Gauge wire: Blue Jeans Cable BJC Ten White (5T00UP)
(Preferred) Banana Plugs:
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