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Sunfire HRS-12 Subwoofer - Craigslist $350 - MSRP $1099

Average Guy Hi-Fi

Sunfire HRS12 Home Theater Subwoofer Craigslist $350 MSRP $1,099

Average Guy HiFi Rating 42/50 = 84%

Demo: Mad Max Fury Road 4K


Amazon link:

Between Tron: Legacy and Mad Max Fury Road these have to be my all time favorite movies for testing speakers. Real stress tests!

What Was Included:

Sunfire HRS12

Link to Sunfire’s website:

Type Sealed (acoustic suspension) enclosure
Woofer 12” extra long throw
RMS Power 1,000watt amplifier (continuous power)
Frequency response 18 100 Hz
Cabinet Gloss Black
Dimensions 139/16"W x 133/4"H x 157/16"D
Weight: 38 lbs.

MSRP Value $1,099

Where I Purchased Craigslist

Price Paid ~ $350 (~ because it came with other speakers)

Condition 85% (not included in the Average Guy HiFi score)

Not in perfect shape as it has a couple blemishes in the gloss black finish but it’s in very good shape.

Quality 8.5

This a sturdy little subwoofer. The cabinet feels stout and the driver feels even stouter.

When you lean down to pick it up, you will probably underestimate it’s heft, due to its small size, you will likely be surprised. It is a dense little subwoofer!

Bass 9.0

I was loving the deep so much that I kept this great subwoofer in my system for an extra week and that’s saying a lot as that delayed 2 other subwoofer reviews.

The bass is deep and powerful, especially when you factor in the small size.

MSRP Rating 8

Like the Martin Logan Abyss I recently reviewed, at a little over $1,000, the competition gets pretty stiff.

The performance is outstanding so that allows me to give it a great score, even though it’s expensive.

Aesthetics 8

I really like the looks of the subwoofer, but the beveled top edges aren’t my cup of tea.

Minus that little gripe, I absolutely love the looks of 12” woofers with large surrounds, like the HRS12 offers. Those types of woofers look violent even while unplugged.

Price Paid Value 8.5

$350 is an amazing deal for this subwoofer, especially considering you can still buy it at the MSRP of $1,099. In fact, this subwoofer sold before I even reviewed it to a friend here locally.

Average Guy HiFi Rating 42/50 = 84%

Final thoughts

This is an amazing performer, especially considering it’s diminished stature.

This is one little violent subwoofer and it will find rattles you never thought you had. You’ve been warned!

Other Equipment used: ELAN THP650LS x3, ELAN THP525LS x2, Denon AVRX3300W Receiver, Marantz MM7055 Amplifier, LG C9 OLED 65” TV, LG 4K Bluray Player, Panamax M7500PRO, Xbox One X

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