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Sunfire and TC Sounds random B @ The Robot Underground


PPI power plugs for Art series, PCX and PC / PowerClass:

The beginning is like the other vid but then I go off on another tangent. Enjoy and thanks for your support. TC Sounds history: The Isis was TC Sound's answer to the Sunfire TruSub they'd built for Bob Carver all those years. Thilo used a nonbadged dustcap with the Lightning Audio Storm aluminum cone as seen in the thumbnail pic. Thilo also got rid of the internal amp which was a good move and just had a 4 conductor 12ga SpeakOn connector on the side. The wood was 1" processed bamboo. As you can see from the pic, Thilo just used one pair of terminals but doubled up the wire so that you could really push it. The Sunfire amp is really just a good 500w amp, in spite of that 2600w nonsense that he posted. Thilo wanted this version to be a solid 1kw version with over 3" of peak to peak throw.

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