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Summer Waves Sand Filter Pump Upgrade

The Happy Hootie

Link to Summer Waves sand pump on Amazon:

Link to alternative sand pumps for above ground pools:

Good morning.... and if we don't see you then good afternoon, good evening and good night.

I have a murky pool that is burning through filters. At only a couple of bucks a filter it isn't that expensive but it is annoying! Almost every other day I am having to pop a new filter in. These are those paper filters that you get from amazon, menards, lowes and Walmart. Similar to the Intex paper filters. I operate a pool at our multi family property and although I have wanted a sand filter on my personal pool I didn't want to spend more on the filter than the actual pool. Enter the Summer Waves Sand Pump and Filter All in one combo unit.

This product is just a miniature version of a standard residential sand pool filter and pump but for a fraction of the cost.

I hope the unboxing and instillation video helps.

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posted by facultats75