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New challenges, new maps, and new mini games with these super flat worlds commands!
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We have 2 new awesome survival minecraft challenge mini games that you can play using ONLY ONE COMMAND! These only one command challenge games are used on the superflat minecraft worlds. Today we are taking on 2 of our super flat challenges! We have many more to do after this one so make sure you leave a like to see the others! Each superflat world presents a new minecraft challenge that feels like a modded minigame you can play with your friends. Today I am taking on the maze runner challenge and the temple challenge! In the maze runner challenge I have to survive a whole day and night in an endless world of mineshafts. And in the Temple challenge I need to uncover the mystery behind the renewable food source! All of the special minecraft commands that you will need for these super flat maps will change how you play minecraft 1.12!

✅ Temple Challenge https://pastebin.com/WQKZDcQc
✅ Maze Runner https://pastebin.com/NJzJYKgY
✅ Presets by Xavier

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

posted by darkludr8