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Starting to Cross Stitch ✂ Cross Stitch for Beginners 🎒 CROSS STITCH UNIVERSITY

Fat Quarter Shop FlossTube

You are starting to cross stitch in this Cross Stitch University video! Thread your needle and take that first cross stitch. Kimberly shows you how to cut your floss, 2 ways to thread your needle, 2 ways to start cross stitching (like the loop method), and 2 ways to cross stitch (Danish and English method). Practice all the methods to see what works for you!

In this FREE tutorial series, learn everything you need to know about cross stitch. It’s a budgetfriendly craft that everyone can enjoy, even if you’ve never sewn a single stitch.

Have a question? Drop a comment and we’ll answer it at the end of the CSU series.

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Cross Stitch University playlist

00:00 Intro
00:20 Where to Start Stitching
00:44 Threading Your Needle
03:05 First Way to Thread Your Needle
03:34 Second Way to Thread Your Needle
04:07 Making Your First Stitch (HalfStitch Row Danish Method)
05:55 Covering Your Tail
08:16 How to Count How Many Stitches You Need
11:01 How To Deal with Knots in Your Floss
12:24 Finishing the Row of HalfStitches (Danish Method)
18:01 Stitching a Different Direction
18:57 How & Why to Mark the Top of Your Cross Stitch
20:29 How To Use the Loop Method
21:55 How To Do a Full Cross Stitch (English Method)

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