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Star Wars Would Have Been Totally Different If George Lucas Had His Way


What If Goerge Lucas Had His Way While Making The Star Wars Movies?

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By Sean Gallagher

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently released an autobiography titled “The Ride of a Lifetime” and broke down his career working as the boss of the Mouse House. In the book, there is a chapter that details the acquisition of Lucasfilm and how that went down. It’s an extremely candid chapter, as it doesn’t paint Iger or Disney in the most flattering light.

It details that George Lucas felt betrayed by Disney not using the treatments for the sequel trilogy they purchased. After the backlash of the prequels, George had a hard time working on Star Wars after getting so much hate. But if he did get his way, what could we have seen on the big screen instead of Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn and Poe?

For one, the sequel trilogy George was working on would have been Luke heavy and would have been largely about the Cosmic Force. To detail this, he would have gotten in deep with the whole Midi-chlorian thing-an aspect fans loathed from the prequels. He wanted to go bigger picture with what the Force is and how it operates and really dive into the more Cosmic nature of it, even perhaps diving into the Divine by exploring who the Whills are, an aspect that George had thought up of way back during the early days of developing Star Wars. It’s clear that Disney didn’t go down this road and Lucas has not been too happy with the sequel trilogy thus far. But would a Cosmic Force film be too out there for Star Wars or would that have been the better story?

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