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Springer Spaniel Puppies | Meet the pups at 3 days old

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Springer Spaniel Poppy has just given birth to three puppies two boys and a girl and will spend the next eight weeks devoting all her time and energy to raising her newborn puppies.

This is the first of our "pupdates" a video report on all the news from week one in the puppy basket. We'll be following all the puppy development stages over the first eight weeks.

Our first visit to the new pups was on day 3. As our camera caught the action in the puppy basket (mainly wriggling and feeding) I caught up with Poppy's owner Lisa Cardy. She's an experienced, registered dog breeder. She shares her tips on how you can tell when a bitch is fertile, how many times they should visit the stud dog! and explains how she cared for Poppy during the pregnancy.

There's a recap on the birth of the puppies and as these are from a working strain of Springer Spaniels news that the vet will be visiting to dock the puppy's tails. Lisa explains why tail docking is necessary and allowed (in the UK) if certain dogs and owners meet strict criteria.
But of course, our "puppycam" video is also a great change to just watch the new arrivals. We'll be following this tiny litter over the next eight weeks, learning about every puppy development stage until they're ready to join their new owners. Please subscribe to the channel and the click the bell icon, then you'll hear when each new "pupdate" goes live.

posted by ansimanteyj