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Spanish Water Dogs - Bests of Breed

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Ever wondered what its like to live with a Spanish Water Dog?

Learn all about the Spanish Water Dog from the UK's most successful breeder and someone who learned all he knows about the breed from experts in Spain.
The breed is nonmolting, hypoallergenic with hair growing in cords, and if you stick to Spain traditions is only trimmed once a year.
They are fantastically versatile and hardy breed used for water retrieving and are exceptional workers. As well as used by Spanish fishermen, they are used as guard dogs and sheepdogs.
Nigel's kennel Valentisimo made history being the first Spanish Water Dog to win a group at a general championship show (Windsor) on the way to another historic moment for the breed finishing the year Top Gundog in 2014. The dog in questions, Valentisimo's Castro, glittering career sadly ended after he was found dead shortly after escaping from a kennel in Spain.

The SWD has strong genetic links and similar visual traits to to other water breeds such as the Portuguese Water Dog, the French Barbet and the Irish Water Spaniel.

What is a Spanish Water Dog? How to take care of a Spanish Water Dog / Perro de agua español.

Portuguese Water Dog alternative. Poodle Alternative. Hypoallergenic dog breed.

All about the Spanish Water Dog

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