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Soul Contracts: Making Them and Breaking Them

Michael Mirdad

Soul contracts...What are they? How are they made? Can they be broken?

Soul contracts can be made before you come to earth, and they can be made once you're on Earth. They can be made consciously or unconsciously, but they're almost always made unconsciously, because they’re so nutty nobody wants to remember making them. It's convenient amnesia. We call them soul contracts because only your soul remembers doing them.

All unfulfilled contracts are leaks in energy. You'll know how many you have by looking at your life now, and how intensely connected you feel to somebody. Karmic contracts or soul contracts are going to seem somewhat hard to break. They are stored in the Akashic records. When somebody's pulling on you, and you're trying to be free, whether it's a legal contract with a record label, or it's an emotional contract, or somebody just keeps calling you when you're trying to be done with them, psychically, their soul is holding up an Akashic Record saying, “You told me you'd never leave. You told me you would always love me and accept me. You told me that till death do us part, etc.” When you say, "I'm going to choose the only contract that I am As God created me." Now you're aligning with a contract above all contracts. That is a contract that is greater than any other and holds all the sway.

Center into God is how you're clearing this stuff. Be sure to practice responsibility and forgiveness, but center into God. That's my new contract. Not only am I having my contracts dispersed through love and forgiveness, I'm having a new contract written. And it's “I am as God created me.”

And sometimes you're going to end up still in court over that lease agreement that you're fighting over. It's a drag, but that's what they do on Earth. Center into God and say, "Be with me while I go in there." Don't expect that that means you will always win. Center into God and go into your court discussions about rental agreements, or whatever you have to do. But know that win or lose, you’re done.

Have the same mindset as Nelson Mandela, "Although you put me in prison, you have no power over me." Or Viktor Frankl, "You put me in Auschwitz, but you have no power over me." Those people are done with any such contracts. Although they look like they're bound in some way, it happens in here (heart center) first.

So how do you know when contracts are seemingly faded, are gone, are released? You start to feel there's less sting.They have less less weight. People stop pushing when they see they can't get to you. It's a funny thing, because you can almost see it in their face when they realize you woke up. They do whatever and there's just there's nothing there for them to push and pull, You’re no longer reacting and it starts fading away.

If you're on Earth, you have a soul, and your soul has contracts. If I were you, I would show up, complete the contract, and then you'll be released by whatever dragged you here, to make you need to fulfill it.

Buddha said it's about desire. He meant desire, as in a magnetic attraction, an irresistible desire to be here. If you have lessons you think you need to learn, you will be irresistibly drawn here. So you need to say goodbye to these things each and every day.

I can see my contracts because they're things that I'm pulled, irresistibly to, or something that keeps repeating. If it keeps repeating, maybe there's something there, like a contract.

How do I complete it? So it, don't do it and Consider it done, and write down the things that don't feel quite right to you. You can't just throw a tantrum, “ I want this and not that.” You have to heal what you don't want as well. Some people will say, “Don't think about what you don't want. Only create what you do want. Then you're building on quicksand. Because what I don't want are my hurts. And if I try to get what I want, and put it together and build that new house on the quicksand of my hurts, it's going to sink, heal ,and rebuild.

But just because just because you're done, the other people that were involved might not be done. That doesn't mean you have to get pulled into it. When they call and say, “Hey, can we get together again?” Say,“Thank you, I'm good. Don't contact me again. Because we're done.” Click. Done. They call again, block the number. If you do it with hatred, you're not done. But practice being done. You can't just say it, you have to practice it, because psychically that's what puts it into the Akashic records as your new truth energetically.

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