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So many Claw Machines at Arcade Planet!!!

Plush Time Wins

While we were in Singapore we went to Arcade Planet and did some exploring. There were a ton of different claw machines inside Arcade Planet!

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#singapore Live at a Sega Arcade in Japan! BIKIN GEREGET ! 😵 CLAW MACHINE | 夾娃娃. Sweet Shopping at a Candy Store! She makes this difficult! I WON EVERY PRIZE IN CLAW MACHINE!! (ARCADE CHALLENGE). KID CLIMBS INTO CLAW MACHINE!!!! Long time no see Chuck E. Cheese! We WON so much at Round 1 Arcade! SO MANY TINY CLAW MACHINE WINS AT NEOFUNS ARCADE! Fun Food and Fast Rides at the Florida State Fair!

posted by Marciappixi