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SNOW and HOT LAVA?? First Snowman of Winter and a Family Snowball fight with Adley u0026 Niko ⛄


and we have a Pizza Party!!
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Best Snow and Lava Day Ever 1162

It's SNOWING!! Adley and Niko Bear see that its snowing outside so we decide to head into the backyard to investigate. At first it's a little hard to tell if it's rain or snow but after seeing snow landing in the kiddos hair, we are 100% sure its snow!! We start jumping on the trampoline to celebrate and the snow really starts to come down. We head to the front yard to check out our pumpkins and when we try to head inside we discover that we are locked out. We need Jenny and Baby Navey to go on a rescue mission to save us!

Back inside, we decided to have some family fun by playing the floor is lava game. But we want to play it through the entire house, so we make a huge obstacle course from the ultimate playroom down to the basement where we normally make forts. The entire family is having a blast especially Niko Bear who loves this game. Everyone one makes it safely past the lava and onto the bed in the guest room, when Adley decides that we should have a race to see how fast we can do the entire lava challenge.

We look outside and see that it's snowing even harder now and that we want to go make the first snowman of the season. We all get bundled up and head outside to play. Aldey and Niko roll their very first snowman and after a few hiccups and snowball battles, we get a little Olaf frozen snowman made. As soon as he is done, Adley eats the carrot nose, Niko starts a snowball battle, and our snowman is in pieces. It was still sooo much fun.

Back inside, we get word that our friends Nick and Elise are coming over for a pizza party, but we are all still in our PJs. So we head upstairs to get ready and Adley has volunteered to help me shave. While we're getting ready, Jenny tells you about her brand new skin care products, sent to us from our friends at TULA. We love them and love their products so when they told us they wanted to hook you guys up with a discount code we jumped on it.
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After we are all ready, Jenny and Adley come up with a plan to make snowballs and play hide n seek so when our friends show up we can jump out and surprise them. As we are making the snowballs, we see them coming down the road, we have to hide again so they don't see us. Who says you can't have 3 or 4 snowball battles in a day!!

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