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SLEEPiNG DAD MAKEOVER 💅 Dad Won’t Wakeup so Adley u0026 Mom Helps with morning get ready spa routine

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

we do makeup, nails, hair, and more while dad is asleep!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today I wanted to start my own Beauty Business with my Mom! With all my makeovers I’ve gotten I consider myself a professional now and I want to share my talents with people! My mom and I got all of our make up and set up shop downstairs! Our goal is to make our customers feel as beautiful as possible! After we set up we thought it would be a good idea for dad to volunteer as our first customer! We ran upstairs to get him but he was asleep! Dad is a really heavy sleeper so we tried to wake him up but nothing was working! We hit him with pillows, we tried tickling him, we pushed him off the bed, we helped him down the stairs, and even flipped him to the basement! Since he wasn’t waking up mom and I thought we could give him a makeover even though he was asleep! We propped him up in a chair and started our magic! We started with the makeup to make him pretty! We put on eye shadow, eye liner, and blush! Next we thought it would be a funny idea if we straighten his hair! I’ve never seen him with straight hair before, it was so funny!! Finally, we dressed him up with bows and jewelry! After we were done we had to wake him up so I yelled my loudest “cockadoodledoo” to make sure he was awake! When we woke up he didn’t realize he was downstairs and we led him to the bathroom to look in the mirror! He was so surprised!!

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