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SKIING WITH BENT KNEES | Are You Making These 2 Mistakes?

Carv - Digital Ski Coach

We’ve all heard this tip yelled across the mountain.

While this common ski tip may sound simple, there's more to it than meets the eye.
Do this tip correctly, you’re setting yourself up for advanced carving turns.
Do this tip wrong, and you’ll struggle to find the right balance, essential for dynamic movements.

Tom Waddington is a BASI level 4 examiner and racing coach.
We asked him to come meet us in Sölden, Austria to break down this tip, so that next time you hear those 3 worlds, you know exactly what it means and how to do it.

To help understand this topic we’ve used some clear good vs bad examples and realtime Carv pressure data to emphasise the important link between mobility at your skiing joints and foot pressure in your boot.

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Skier: Tom Waddington | IG: @tomwaddington_skier
Ski resort: Sölden, Tyrol, AUSTRIA
Music Licensed by Music Bed: MB01KDE8VPL79GZ


0:00 Bending the knees, it's not that simple
0:35 Mistake 1: Slumping forward
0:55 Mistake 2: Folding at the waist
1:39 The correct way to bend your knees
2:06 A visual comparison
2:17 The difference while skiing
3:56 Carv foot pressure data
5:37 Lesson recap
5:55 Want more instructional ski content?

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