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Singaporeans Try: Ex-JC Students Experience Poly Life For A Week


Ever wondered how life in poly is? In this episode of Singaporeans Try, 3 of us, ex-JC students became polytechnic students! Watch as we stumble our way through poly classes!

Special thanks to Singapore Poly for making this video possible!

Follow Singapore Poly’s instagram @singaporepoly and #SPOH19 , #speye & #singaporepoly for more sneak peeks and behind the scenes!

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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Zhin Sadali -
Adria Tham -
Fauzi Aziz -

Produced, Filmed & Edited By:
Charmaine Sew -

Additional Videography By:
Yun Qian Lim -
Derek Lou -
Adli Zuhaily -

For Business Enquiries:

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