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Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked u0026 What You NEED To Do

Payette Forward

David & David explain how phones get hacked, the signs of a hacked phone, and what to do if you think your iPhone or Android has been #hacked.

Some people think only Androids get hacked, but that's not true. iPhones get hacked too!

We'll also tell you about some signs your iPhone or Android has a virus, as well as what you should do to get rid of viruses on your phone.

1. Evil Maid Attacks [0:08]
2. Phishing Attacks [0:36]
3. Installing Unknown Apps [1:01]
4. Jailbroken iPhone Or Rooted Android [1:19]
5. Using A Public Charging Station [1:55]
6. Bad VPN Providers [2:27]
7. Using Unsecured Or Public WiFi Networks [3:38]
8. Signs Your Phone Was Hacked [4:12]
9. Phone Slows Down [4:21]
10. Excessive Battery Drain & Data Usage [4:34]
11. Making Calls Or Sending Texts Without Your Knowledge [4:51]
12. Turn On TwoFactor Authentication [5:51]
13. Turn Off Install Unknown Apps [6:16]
14. Update Your Passwords [6:36]
15. Don't Rely On FourDigit Passcodes [7:23]
16. Factory Restore Your Phone [8:42]

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