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Should You Be Assessed For ADHD? with Dr Stephen Humphries - Harley Therapy

Harley Therapy - Psychotherapy & Counselling

Being assessed for ADHD is a big decision, and not very cheap. The first thing to keep in mind that ADHD is a common condition. According to research, about 4% of the population has ADHD in adulthood, and less than 1% of this is diagnosed.

The symptoms of ADHD in adults and children can be quite different. In adulthood if you have ADHD, you may feel that you have always been a little different, you might be described as a 'daydreamer' or you might rely on stress to get things done.

Watch the full video for a better understanding of ADHD in adults!

About Stephen Humphries:

Dr Stephen Humphries is a consultant psychiatrist who has 30 years of medical experience. He has practised general adult psychiatry at consultant level within the NHS for 23 years, including seven years as a Medical Director. He has an interest in psychoanalytical psychotherapy and the management of personality disorders.

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