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Should a Person Touch 200000 Volts? A Van de Graaff generator experiment!

Jefferson Lab

What happens if a person touches 200,000 volts? Should a person even be touching 200,000 volts in the first place? Find out in this live Van de Graaff generator experiment!

Other segments from this presentation are available!

Fun with Static Electricity! https://youtu.be/n3tauzN6Uk
Liquid Nitrogen and Fire! https://youtu.be/ANdt8LuPaEg
Liquid Nitrogen and the Tea Kettle Mystery https://youtu.be/L0q3uWuqjYE
Plasmas and Rainbows! https://youtu.be/Hq1VZVplo

A more complete liquid nitrogen show, shot during one of Jefferson Lab's Open Houses, can be seen here:

Liquid Nitrogen Show! https://youtu.be/enEtTVFyCU

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