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Shocking Father Daughter dance. Worth the 5 minutes to watch.

Brian Younger

I am the father of the bride. I had the honor of dancing with my daughter at her beautiful wedding. I would not have missed it for the world even after she told me she wanted to do one of the funny father daughter dances. We practiced for months. I think it turned out great. During my toast right before the dance I informed the crowd that we were dancing to Butterfly Kisses and made them believe they were going to have to suffer through the entire song, much to their surprise. What a great memory. It was all I could do but not fall totally apart at the very end. During the Come Sail Away part I was trying to get her to come sail away with me but she was telling me she couldn't because she's married now. That's when I knew I had to let her go. :( I hope you enjoy.

posted by partiefunve