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'Shhh...' - Antisepticeye and Wiishu Speedpaint


This was so much fun to do! I’ve had so many requests from you guys to make an Antisepticeye and Wiishu picture following on from my Darkiplier and Amy speedpaint. So here we are!

Unlike Dark who I always felt was a romantic evil figure (gets his way by being hypnotic and very charming), I feel like Anti is more of a demonic evil figure (hell bent on creating chaos and causing others to suffer for his own enjoyment). If Anti were to come in to contact with Signe, I think he’d find her being curious and would tease her to see how she’d react. A sort of ‘playing-with-your-food’ type of mentality.

Would he keep her alive? Control her like his other ‘puppets’? Or because of Jack’s feelings towards Signe, would he end up falling for her in some sort of twisted way?

Let me know what you think! I’m curious to see your thoughts on this.

Hope you enjoy!




Song: NIVIRO - The Ghost [NCS Release]
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Song: Main Reaktor – Alone [NCS Release]
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