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Sheepdog Trial - A Way with Dogs Episode 1

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Welcome to the 1st in our series of web TV sheepdog trials. 'A Way with Dogs' is a gripping new Sheepdog Trial that plans to move across the countryside landscapes of UK and Europe, looking for the most skillful handler and dog teams.

We start the first trial on a stunning hillside farm in North Wales, where Ceri's father, the late H. Glyn Jones famously trained his 'One Man and his Dog' champions Gel and Bracken. In A Way with Dogs, each handler competes in a challenging course across three programmes. The handlers with the highest score win a place in the Double Gather final to be shown on Boxing Day.

We want ‘A Way with Dogs’ to give you a chance to see the handlers and dogs, show the international strength of the sport and demonstrate the skills of our individual handlers.

The tension mounts as sheepdog expert Mike Northwood, judge Aled Owen and presenter Bryony Billson capture the proficiency and excitement of the sport, which has been handed down for centuries and is now on the increase with new teams from all over the world.

Presented by Bryony Billson, TV presenter, countryside lover and farmer’s daughter, these programmes focus on the intense trust and working relationships between dogs and handlers and the skills and tenacity of the judge.

We follow the action on and off the field and gain expert insights from sheepdog trainer, handler and competitor, Mike Northwood, who gives a witty, frank and unbiased view of the action and a few insiders’ tips.

The atmosphere increases in intensity as the winners succeed by only a few points.

Quotes from Ceri
“I wanted to produce something that reflects the sport”
” When we talk about clever dogs, I always assume they mean bitches”
“I called on a friend and a very, very good handler, Aled Owen”
“Obviously my father would have normally been here on hand to support and criticise… H. Glyn Jones… was well known. He had two dogs, Gel, who was trained in Welsh and Bracken who was trained in English… the public took them to their hearts””
“We’re looking for a nice controlled run… straight lines… tight turns”
The tension is hair raising from the start. Years of training, practice and skill has gone into each competition round. Ceri has set a practical but very testing, hillside course which really tests the skills of the handlers – as well as the judge – twice World Champion, four times Welsh National winner and Supreme Champion Aled Owen. Each handler and dog has fresh sheep for every run.
Now try putting your own skills to the test and work out who you think will win at the A Way with Dogs grand final on Boxing Day 2016.
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