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[SFM] Mario's NightMare


This took way longer than it should...

So here it is guys, the video we've all been waiting for. This was the video I mentioned in my update video with ALOT of changes. One of the biggest changes: Rosalina is gone thanks to a new peach model from the Smash Game for Wii U.

This is the first episode to a series I'm making called: The NightMare series. And theres more to it then them just having a dream ;D

I SUCK at SOUNDS AND BACKGROUNDS. I was mainly inspired by a lot of things, can you guys Spot the references? :O

I decided to change the name to Mario's nightmare because it corresponds to the video.

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Special thanks to: Apoc Hedgie, Ratchet Mario, RandomTbush and others.


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posted by Curdache6