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Senior dog abandoned by his family and lived on the streets alone for a year!

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

We LOVE saving animals, but we need YOUR support. Please donate $5 and help us save them off the streets:
To apply to adopt Pumba, please contact our friends at: Yellow Labrador dumped after being used for breeding puppies. Look how happy she is now! Hope For Paws: Bonded poodles struggling to survive in a sewer get a heartwarming rescue. Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share. Hope For Paws: Saving an injured senior homeless dog from hard life on the streets. Please share. This image of a homeless mom and her babies was texted to Hope For Paws. Hope For Paws: Homeless Pit Bull rescued dangerously close to the freeway. Right after rescuing a mom and a puppy, another call for help came in... We had to use an electric SAW to save this family of homeless bunnies!!! DANGEROUS RESCUE!!! Abandoned dog with a tumor that was about to rupture gets rescued just in time! Street-smart homeless dog manages to avoid rescuing time after time.