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See If You Can Solve These 7 Riddles with a Twist


These riddles might look easy enough at first glance, but once you find out the correct answer, you'll be beating yourself up for not paying closer attention to the details. Can you be really attentive and think outside the box? Let's find out!

Music: Retro - Wayne Jones

Riddle #1. The secret password 0:35
Riddle #2. A mugging? 1:56
Riddle #3. Jack’s dilemma 3:19
Riddle #4. A life-or-death decision 4:27
Riddle #5. Card trick 6:08
Riddle #6. The odd one 7:20
Riddle #7. The ticket clerk 8:27 #riddles #brainteasers #puzzles

-Can you figure out what Matt should've said to get into a private club?
-How did the police officer figure out that the man was lying?
-How can poor Jack get to the other side of the river with all 3 objects safe and sound?
-Which door should Tom choose to survive?
-Help Adam to create two piles with the same number of cards facing up.
-Which one of the objects you see does not belong in the group?
-How did the ticket seller know that the man needed 2 tickets?

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posted by Kramekgg