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Schipperke - Ultimate Breed Facts You Need To Know!

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Check out this ultimate guide of owning the Schipperke!
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The Schipperke goes by other names such as Spitzke, Spits, Spitske. This fearless and devoted dog breed is always willing to protects and guard its family from any potential danger.

Small sized and easy maintenance is what makes these dogs so attractive but their intelligence and curiosity are one of the several disadvantages of owning the Schipperke. Continue to watch this video to get a complete list of dog breed traits and facts about the Schipperke, to see if this is the perfect dog for you

In the 1880’s Schipperkes became a recognized breed, originating from Belgium. The Schipperkes were believed to be descendants of the Belgian Sheepdog. Unlike its predecessor who was created to be a herding dog, the Schipperkes was developed to be a small watch guard, and was often seen guarding boats that plied the canals between Brussels and Antwerp.

Little shepherd or Little captain may be the english translation of the word Schipperke, and either definition would do as they both describe the heritage of this breed.

Queen Marie Henriette made this dog popular after she saw one at a Brussel dog show in 1885. The popularity of the Schipperkes skyrocketed which eventually led to its importation into the United States in 1888.


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