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Scary Ouija Board - I Wish I Never Played With It


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On Friday the 13th Emma and her friends decided to have a sleepover at their friend Marisa's house. So, after hanging out, and eating, and chilling together for a bit, their friend Haley was like "Oh my god. We should go play the Ouija board!" Emma had brought it along with her, since it was Friday the 13th after all, and Marisa had never played the Ouija board before.

They all went down to the basement - a little creepier and more fun that way, bordering on scary, so, perfect. They start playing, and Emma, and her friends probably too, start getting really scared and freaked out.

She was convinced that they were doing something wrong, and that they would draw down evil spirits or ghosts, or other paranormal happenings, and she thought, at least at first, that they were communicating with a mean ghost. It turned out not to be, but at first, she was just plain scared.

They were in fact communicating with something, some man, and she swore she could see him in the mirror - she could - but every time she tried to get the other girls to turn and look it would disappear and they didn't see him. The room seemed haunted.

Emma was scared - really scared - but she was also 100% sure that they were talking to some spirit, and that she had seen it! Even though they were almost terrified, Emma felt like that had to make contact again and see who this spirit was and what he wanted from them.

They were talking to a ghost named Dan. His wife's name was Gina. He kept saying weird stuff through the Ouija board, and repeated the number "790," which, when they looked it up, found out it meant Love and Comfort.

So they started asking him questions, like "do you want us to love you?" but that wasn't it. Eventually it came out that they had had a daughter, that she had been kidnapped, and later took her own life. It was such a sad and powerful story, that it had Emma and her friends in tears. They felt compassion, wanted to help and give ease to this troubled spirit.

Emma wanted to go dig him up, since he said he was buried under the house, but that didn't seem like a very practical idea. And the ghost kept sharing things with them, like that his daughter's name was Erin, that she was 12 when she died, and would have turned 13 the next day.

So Erin had an idea. She asked the ghost if he wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to Erin the Ghost and he said, through the Ouija board, "YES." They figured he would want them to sing it at midnight or something creepy like that, but he said "NO." He wanted them to sing to Erin at six in the morning.

It was all so weird, and the girls had gone much farther than they had planned. They quickly said goodbye to Dan the Ghost, and packed the Ouija board away. But still, Emma and her friends were totally terrified and freaked out by what had happened. Some of the things he had said were so weird and troubling and it made Emma totally uncomfortable. The supernatural paranormal experience really got to her.

Emma was so upset by it all and out of sorts so she called her sister, told her what happened, and asked what she should do. Her sister told her it was fine, that they said goodbye so the door was closed, but also added that Emma was not very smart for ever playing the Ouija in the first place.

Emma got more and more anxious, and finally had to leave - she couldn't do the sleepover after all that. Her Mom picker her up, and Emma told her the whole story. It upset her Mom enough so that she wouldn't let Emma bring the Ouija board into the house, and instead made her leave it in the garage.

Emma finally fell asleep - not easy - and she woke up at 7:00 and realized she had missed the 6:00 promise to sing Happy Birthday to Erin the Ghost. So, she sang it an hour late, but hopes that it was good enough for Dan.

Emma is fine now, kind of. She can't really stand being alone in the house, especially at night, but so far, no ghostly visits...
- - -

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