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[Runescape 3] Turoths Farming Guide [OUDATED]

Tonix RS

UPDATED VERSION - https://youtu.be/IuOg0PuDjvE

I found this post on Reddit ( https://redd.it/6ju5b3 ), thanks to /u/Hazelmere0 and I can confirm Turoths are worth camping if you want AFK Farming exp. Having Demon Brawler + Caroming perk is amazing here. Compared to Aquanites, this has lower requirements and requires a lot less effort. If you compare tree farming, it's not really worth it unless it's a limiting factor or you're struggling with money.

Royal Crossbow is the highest damaging weapon against Turoths. 2nd highest has a few options like Slayer Dart or Leaf-bladed spear. Slayer Dart unfortunately caps at T50 damage despite T85 Staff of Darkness working with it. Farming exp rates vary so I was getting ~140k exp/h.

Cabbage Facepunch Guide: https://youtu.be/biM5YfWTVJM

==Table of Contents==
Introduction/Requirements/Location - 0:00
Equipment setup - 0:41
Inventory setup - 2:41
Prayers - 4:40
Action bar - 4:59
Strategy - 5:33
Drops - 6:02
Conclusion/Exp rates/Comparisons - 6:28

posted by jenzyh7