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Rottweiler Types - 5 Types of Rottweilers

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Curious about the different Rottweiler Types? There is much debate about the different Rottweiler types. In this video, we'll share the 5 different types of Rottweilers and how you can tell them apart. Rottweilers are amazing dogs but they are not all the same, we'll explain the different Rottweilers.

Is there an Albino Rottweiler?
German Rottweiler
American Rottweiler
Docked Tail Rottweiler

0:00 Intro
1:12 German Rottweiler
2:03 American Rottweiler
2:50 Roman Rottweiler
3:31 Tailed Rottweiler
4:20 Rare Rottweiler

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