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Rogue One Moments Only True Fans Understood


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By now, you've probably watched Rogue One a few times—and you've already preordered the Blu-ray. This side story to the Star Wars saga fills in one of the biggest perceived plot holes in history, namely, how could a colossal killing machine like the Death Star feature such an exploitable weakness? But beyond finally putting that nagging question to bed and settling a million comic book store arguments, the movie is also filled with references designed to appeal directly to the fans who've stuck with the franchise over all these years. Here are the Rogue One moments only true fans understood. And we really shouldn't have to say it, but just in case the Force isn't with you right now, there are definitely spoilers ahead...

More than a feeling | 0:45
One of Rogue Squadron's greatest | 1:45
Wordplay on a world | 2:34
Back to the Massassi Temple | 3:09
Saw Gerrera, the rebel | 3:33
The female pilots of the Rebellion finally fly | 4:25

Read more here → http://www.looper.com/34634/rogue-one-moments-true-fans-understood/'>http://www.looper.com/34634/rogue-one-moments-true-fans-understood/

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