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Roger Federer celebration and player box reaction to 2017 Australian Open title - Different angle

Jonathan Shifman

''You Hit the Ball Boy with Your Racket'' & more. Roger Federer - Australian Open 2017 Tribute. WHAT HAPPEN IF YOU PLAY AGAINST THE BEST FEDERER? MUST WATCH (HD). Roger Federer reflects on his 'awkward' match point | Australian Open 2017. Roger Federer's 2017 Australian Open - The Legend's Rebirth (HD). Roger Federer ♦ A Win to Remember ● Australian Open 2017 Tribute (HD). Federer Aus open. This Shot CHANGED Roger Federer's Career● Most IMPORTANT Shot EVER. Short Roger Federer Documentary 2007 ENG. ATP Tennis - Top 5 Talented Players Ever (HD).

by Jonathan Shifman