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Rodney Dangerfield at the Top of His Game (1980)

Rodney Dangerfield

Two nights before the premiere of Caddyshack, Johnny Carson welcomed Rodney Dangerfield to the Tonight Show stage, “My next guest has a lot of things going. He’s starring in a movie which opens nationally Friday, July 25th, called Caddyshack. He’s got a new album out called No Respect. He’s a good friend and a funny man. Would you welcome, Rodney Dangerfield!”

Originally aired July 23, 1980 on the Tonight Show.

0:59 “I checked into a hotel, I asked the bellhop to handle my bag. He started to feel up my wife.”
2:00 “I was a very ugly kid. Everytime my old man wanted to have sex, my mother showed him my picture.”
6:47 “I know I’m getting old. I’m at the age now if I hear someone goes both ways, I figure it’s number one and number two.”

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posted by nwedydd5