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ROBLOX | Welcome to Bloxburg: Pastel House 80k


Hi guys! I am so sorry for being inactive lately. No, I am not quitting, contrary to some beliefs. Basically, school started this past week so I won't be able to do my normal everyotherdayuploads due to schoolwork.

Anyways, I'm still open for entries for the subscriber tours! A lot of people have been thinking that I ended it or I was only going to do a couple and stop, but no! This will be open for as long as I still keep getting submissions!

By the way, I typically do not answer my DMs/messages due to the fact that I have so many. The BEST way to talk to me will be on my Discord channel.

Value: 80k

Did you remake one of my builds, take inspiration, or just want to show your support? Put this decal in your build somewhere :)

Tweet me 24 pictures of one or more of your builds for the chance to be featured in a subscriber tour on my channel!

Join my Discord:

posted by zmeios21